What You Should Know About Replacing Cushions & Covers

Outdoor furniture in today’s market usually comes with weatherproof cushions that don’t fade from UV rays and repel dampness caused by rain. While these cushions are built to last, you may find yourself wanting or needing replacements for a variety of reasons. Here’s what you should know:

Reasons to Replace Your Cushions or Covers

You want to update the look — Your cushions may still be in great shape, but perhaps your tastes have changed. Picking out new cushion covers is a great idea if you’re looking to update your outdoor living space. It also allows you to redecorate without having to spend money on new outdoor furniture.

They’re falling apart — Cushions today are built to withstand the elements from the outdoors, so it’s unlikely they’ll fall apart, but it’s not impossible. Extreme weather and even critters can damage your cushions. 

Determine Cushion Type & Style

  • Single Seat. This cushion comes in many different styles like square, iron, round, curved, wicker, and deep styles.
  • Hinged Chair. The seat and back are composed of a single, hinged cushion that is folded together. They may be used in chairs that require both soft stuffing on the seat and back. The majority of hinged chairs have stiff backs.
  • Bench. Bench cushions are usually found on sofas and loveseats, which are great at seating bigger gatherings in comfort.
  • Hinged Chaise. Chaise lounges have a longer seat and reclining back than armchairs. Cushions for this piece of furniture feature a larger seat area with a hinge seam where the seat joins the back.

Tips for Selecting Replacement Cushions and Covers

We offer numerous collections of outdoor furniture, and each piece has its own cushions. Replacing your cushions is a great opportunity to match an existing collection. You should also consider the other furniture pieces you have and try to match colors accordingly.

Buying new cushions is also a great time to purchase a few accessories like throw pillows. If you do get pillows in addition to your replacement cushions and covers, you have the opportunity to get creative with patterns. 

At DeVries, we offer a broad selection of designer fabrics to compliment all of our furniture pieces. Our team of on staff designers can transform your patio into an extension of your home and help you create that beautiful outdoor living space. Give us a call today to learn more about our products and services!

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