Top Tips for Keeping Your Teak Wood Furniture Looking Great

Teak furniture is a highly sought-after addition to patios and other outdoor living spaces due to its lovely appearance. Unfortunately, unless proper care is taken, this beautiful wood may suffer from mildew or discoloration if it isn’t maintained regularly. Put simply: teak requires some TLC in order for you reap its aesthetic benefits!

How Often to Clean Teak Furniture 

When investing in teak furniture, you have the option to keep its original honey wood colored finish or allow it to weather into a beautiful soft silver-gray patina. Unless something is spilled on your furniture, it only requires annual cleaning regardless of which look you choose – making caring for teak furniture hassle free! Some prefer the timeless golden hue while others enjoy how easy it is to tend for aged pieces that already boast a distinguished patina. Decide what best suits your style and let your one-of-a-kind piece develop over time.

Using a Teak Protector 

If you’d like to keep the gorgeous honey hue of your teak furniture, applying a protective sealant is imperative. The layer it provides works as a shield from UV rays and stops mildew growth. In addition, it acts as an additional safeguard against oxidation which can turn teak grey over time. And if you plan on eating meals or enjoying beverages at this table often, then you must consider using a protector! This will prevent unsightly oil stains caused by foods such as ketchup and greasy items that could otherwise leave permanent discoloration in its wake.

Tips to Keep Your Teak Furniture Clean Longer 

Teak wood furniture does not need to be treated with oil, varnish, or water sealers as the natural oils in it create a protective layer that keeps out moisture. Varnishing can lead to chipping and flaking which will require sanding for removal – something you would want to avoid! Whilst teak is naturally resistant against warping and rotting from water contact, allowing too much pooling of liquid around your furniture could cause irreparable damage over time; so use caution when dealing with this type of material.

Storing Teak Furniture 

Although it isn’t necessary to store your teak furniture indoors over the winter, if you do opt for a cover make sure to use something that is breathable and not plastic. Additionally, avoid storing the teak in any heated rooms as this can cause cracking or splintering due to wood drying out from excessive heat. As time passes by with fluctuating temperatures, it’s natural for the teak furniture joints to expand and contract which is why each spring should be inspected with loose components tightened up again.

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