Many of us have found ourselves spending a lot more time around the house this summer. Americans will take 150 million fewer trips over the summer months due to the coronavirus pandemic, a decline approximating 15% from last year, according to AAA.

If you’re not going somewhere, you still have to be someplace and that would probably be your house. We’re using every inch of our space while trying to work, study and play. So when we unwind, we should reward ourselves with the best accoutrements.

This, then, is the time to make that backyard a glorious respite with top-line patio furniture. Which is where DeVries comes in. DeVries is where you can shop with confidence and enjoy your new patio furniture for years.

There are so many styles to choose from, and DeVries can help you plan that outside dining area with tables, chairs with plush cushions, outdoor kitchen, grilling station and more. Think about that afternoon of cooking in your yard as the sun goes down, dining in elegance and then retiring to cushiony chairs set near the firepit. Sounds good to us.

Turn your backyard into a vacation destination that you can enjoy with your family. DeVries has the best selection of outdoor patio furniture and a huge showroom on Highway 27 in North Brunswick, N.J. Come by and see us. Let’s start turning that backyard into a showplace.

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