During the winter with snow, freezing rain and cold temps, your outdoor patio furniture may not hold up very well. It’s important to take the right steps in order to protect your patio furniture. Here are some of the best methods to prolong the life of your chairs, tables and other outdoor furniture.

Wood furniture

Wood patio furniture should have a sealant applied to it to protect the wood from moisture year round. This way, snow and freezing rain won’t soak into it. Covers will also help keep the snow and ice from seeping into this furniture.

Plastic furniture

The frigid temperature in Winter can make plastic brittle enough to crack. However plastic furniture is lightweight and easy to maneuver, which means it’s easier to store away if the weather gets really nasty.

Wrought iron furniture

For the most part, you shouldn’t leave your wrought iron patio furniture out in the weather during the winter. It can rust because of the snow or freezing rain. When rust happens, it weakens the metal and causes it to break down. 

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