How to Handle Patio Furniture During Winter in NJ

patio furniture winter

The simplest approach to deal with patio furniture throughout the winter is to leave it outside. However, not all patio items are made equal, and certain materials are less durable in harsh weather. Here’s what you should do if you live in or around New Jersey.


In the winter, eucalyptus or teak hardwood furniture should be coated with a sealant to keep it from absorbing moisture. Cover your wood patio furniture with an all-weather cover, or move it inside, instead.

Wicker and Rattan

Water can seep into wicker or rattan furniture and then freeze, expand, and cause cracking if it is not covered or relocated indoors for the winter months. Clean your furniture with water and a sponge and brush away any rust before storing it to avoid corrosion.


Aluminum is one of those ultra-durable materials that can be left on the patio throughout the winter without being damaged. However, in strong winds, make sure to firmly fasten your furniture to your patio since it’s so light.

Iron and Steel

Metals like iron and steel appear to be quite durable, yet they differ from aluminum in that they may scratch, crack, and rust if left exposed to the elements. To extend the life of your patio set, store it in a shed, garage, or house for winter.


Natural stones are permeable, which means that moisture may seep into cracks and cause damage in the winter. To keep your stone furniture in excellent form, give it a thorough clean and store it upright indoors.

Now that you know what to do with patio furniture in the winter, put your knowledge to good use and find the best outdoor furniture for winter at DeVries. From dining sets to outdoor sofas, you’ll find furniture made to stand the test of time. Contact us today!

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