Fall Furniture for Your NJ Patio

fall patio furniture

Patios are a great place for you to hang out with your friends and family. These outdoor spaces are ideal for warm summer days, but they can also be used during the cooler months at the end of the year. Here are some things to help you enjoy your patio in the fall.

A patio heater

If outdoor bars and restaurants use heaters and heated lamps, why can’t you? They can keep a large area warm and toasty as temperatures dip below 50 degrees. There are also some models that are easy to install and allow you to control the temperature.

A portable fire pit

A compact and portable fire pit is another great addition for outdoor gatherings. You can move it anywhere in your backyard, plus they’re durable and built to last. They also burn wood into a very fine ash, so your fire will burn for a while. 

Cushions for metal furniture

When the temperature starts to drop, your metal chairs and benches might get too cold to sit on. Investing in some seasonal, outdoor seat cushions might be the way to go. With a plush seat cushion, you’ll be able to sit on your patio for hours.

An outdoor rug

Rugs can elevate your patio’s style and provide a much-needed barrier between your feet and your cold, stone patio. When you choose an outdoor rug with warm color tones and hues, you’ll be able to match your patio with the classic fall aesthetic.

At DeVries, our team of on staff designers can transpose your outdoor space into an extension of your home and help you create that beautiful outdoor space. We are a family owned and operated business located at 2442 Route 27 in North Brunswick NJ since 1953. Contact us today!

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