Decorate Your Outdoor Living Area and Lawn for the Holidays

winter outdoor patio

Many homeowners like to decorate the inside of their home for holiday festivities. But you shouldn’t forget about decorating the outside of your house too! Spread the holiday spirit with some of these four great décor ideas for your landscaping and outdoor living area.

Use winter arrangements in your planters

If you have unused outdoor planters or pots, you can use them to create a custom winter arrangement with plants like evergreen branches, holly, winterberry, and other seasonal items! It’ll add an extra touch to your curb.

Decorate with string lights

String lights along the gutters and siding are almost a given, but you can also get a little more creative with your lights by wrapping them around planters, shrubs, and even along pathways to bring out your home’s unique character.

Drape garland over railings and window frames

Garland is another easy winter decoration that looks beautiful around fences and railings. Use it to bring a festive yet polished aesthetic to your porch, deck, or doorstep. You can also hang them around window frames to give them some holiday spirit too.

Use an unexpected color scheme

Red and green are the popular Christmas colors, along with gold and silver. But you can also try using non-traditional color combinations to revamp holiday décor. Shades of royal blue, teal and orange are especially eye-catching!

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