Deck the HOUSE with Help from DeVries!

We’re heading into the home stretch, with the holidays looming and so much to do inside the house.

We should not neglect the outside, however. In fact, everything could stand a quick look before we hunker down for winter.

DeVries, a family-owned and operated business in North Brunswick, N.J. since 1953, knows the winter months are tough. But time passes more quickly if you stay busy, so let’s pass along some “honey do” suggestions to you and your family. They will make the months ahead easier to cope with.

  • Schedule a tune-up for your heating system. Have a qualified professional check out your air handler and perform a full maintenance. This ought to be done twice a year, with the next visit six months hence. Change the air filter. With people home more and now likely indoors more, use a high-quality air filter and replace it every 60-90 days.
  • Put away seasonal items. Patio furniture, pillows, blankets, all should be inside and out of the weather. Make sure they are dry before packing them away in the garage or shed. Drain the gas and oil from lawn mowers and other power equipment and winterize per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure snow shovels are handy and cars have emergency kits and supplies (blankets, first aid, snacks, water, flares) in case of snow and ice.

You can also start dreaming up improvements for your patio for next spring and DeVries is the place to make those dreams a reality.

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