Using Your New Jersey Patio This Fall

Fall is a great time to be outdoors and making use of your patio. As the weather cools and the leaves change colors, it’s time to change gears and use accoutrements more in tune with autumn.

Here are a few great ways to prep your patio for autumnal enjoyment and entertaining.

  • Add patio accessories like cozy throw pillows and warm blankets to your patio furniture to keep your family and guests comfortable while they relax. Augment a nippy evening with a little hot chocolate.
  • Consider swapping out your patio furniture cushions for ones better suited to the season. Resistance to water is a plus.
  • Adding seasonal flower varietals accents the entire patio with color and fragrance. For fall blooms that will handle our weather, we like chrysanthemums and New England asters. Pumpkins and gourds are a nice touch as well.

Ready to get started on the fall patio of your dreams? Contact the patio furnishing experts at DeVries! We offer New Jersey’s best selection of outdoor patio furniture. We have an expansive showroom of the latest in patio trends. We offer elegant and affordable pieces for all your patio furniture needs.

See you soon at DeVries, home of New Jersey’s largest selection of patio furniture.

Patio Furniture From The New Jersey Professionals

New Jersey people love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Remember when the guys sang “Let’s hang on to what we’ve got?”

Pretty sure those Jersey Boys weren’t talking about their patio furniture, but it may have been in the back of their minds.

You know how the summers are. Heat, wind, rain. And you know how the fall is – leaves everywhere. And then winter, with snow and ice.

So you will want to protect your beautiful patio furniture purchased at DeVries. We want you to keep it in great condition and have it last a long time.

Here are three quick tips on how to achieve that longevity:

  • Use furniture covers. They’re easy-on, easy-off, and they protect not only cushions but the frames. Covers help keep animals from making a home on the cushions.
  • Clean up after use. Always a good idea. Food attracts bugs. Other messes can discolor finishes. Give a once-over to chairs and table tops with a clean soft cloth dampened with soapy water. Remove cushions and pillows and give them time to dry. Then return them to their places and put the covers on.
  • Store the furniture for the winter. Do you have a sizeable shed or a big garage? You can remove the furniture from the elements and keep it safe until next season. Covers will protect the furniture from dirt and grit.

Let’s hang on to what we’ve got. Treat your patio furniture with care and you’ll enjoy it for years. And you can always add or replace pieces at DeVries. Come see our fabulous showroom in North Brunswick now.

New Jersey’s Largest Selection Of Outdoor Patio Furniture

We’ve been a fixture in Central New Jersey since we opened our patio furniture business in 1953. We love it here.

We are a family owned and operated business located at 2442 Route 27 in North Brunswick N.J., serving our customers for more than 60 years. We are devoted to providing high quality customer service and have earned numerous awards for excellence in the outdoor furniture industry.

Even though at DeVries we might be known and recommended for our selection of outdoor patio furniture, did you know that we also provide high quality residential hardscaping and landscaping aservices in North Brunswick and many of the surrounding New Jersey areas such as Middlesex County?

DeVries is fully equipped to help plan your next landscaping projects around your home with a landscape architect on staff to help you in case any difficult questions or custom projects arise.

Late summer and early fall are the best times to plant grass in our neck of the woods. This is a great opportunity to improve the grounds around your home and beautify your world. In addition, a well-landscaped home can be worth 5.5 percent to 12 percent more than one with no landscaping. Which would you prefer to live in or to purchase?

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