How to Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Office

The summer is a great time to be outdoors, but did you know it can also be a great place to be productive. While the patio is often thought of as a spot for weekend barbecues, it can also easily be converted into an outdoor office. Working outdoors has been linked to higher productivity, creativity as well as better mood overall. Interested in your very own outdoor office? Read on to find out how to turn your patio into an outdoor workspace.

Incorporate shading

While to point of being outside is to enjoy the natural lighting, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is harmful for your skin. Too much sunlight can also make it extremely difficult to see the screens of electronic devices, making it nearly impossible to read text or do edit images. An outdoor shading system such as a patio umbrella is perfect for blocking those pesky rays. A more permanent shading solution would be to install a retractable awning which blocks the sun and has more benefits like protection from the elements and keeping your house cooler.

Give yourself space

Nothing is worse than working in a cramped space. That’s why giving yourself enough “desk” space is crucial to an outdoor office. Ditch that tiny wobbly end table and upgrade to a more spacious option. A 55-inch square or round table gives you more than enough space to spread out everything you need to be productive and accommodate others comfortably. Just remember to utilize paperweights to keep any important documents from flying away.

Comfortable seating

While an office chair provides all the comfort and lumbar support you need, they aren’t exactly designed for outdoor use and will suffer damage if not brought indoors after use. Not to mention office chairs are notoriously clunky. For this purpose, you should find a comfortable patio chair with good enough lumbar support for extended periods of sitting, preferably one with a waterproof cushion for maximum comfort.

DeVries is New Jersey’s best selection of outdoor patio furniture with an expansive showroom of the latest in patio trends. We offer elegant and affordable pieces for all your patio furniture needs. To get started on the ultimate outdoor office, contact us or call (732) 297-1244 today!

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3 Things Every Patio Needs This Summer

With summertime just around the corner, your outdoor room is guaranteed to see more use. Whether you are hosting barbecues for all your friends or just enjoying time with your loved ones, here are some things your patio needs this summer.

Outdoor Kitchen

A must have for every outdoor chef, an outdoor kitchen is perfect for hosting a backyard barbecue of any size. Not only does a great outdoor kitchen allow you to remain a part of the action when hosting those backyard parties, but it keeps your indoor kitchen clean as well. Outdoor kitchens are a great investment for your outdoor room that will be the star of every great barbecue.


A chiminea is freestanding, front-loading, fireplace with a vertical chimney. Traditionally made out of terracotta, chimineas are are a rustic patio pieces that add a decorative accent and practicality to your patio. Perfect for cooking, a chiminea keeps the smoke away from your face and allows you to keep warm on chill summer nights. The practicality of a chiminea combined with the visual piece makes it an excellent piece of patio furniture.

Outdoor sectional

Not enough seating for your patio? An outdoor sectional solves that issue while adding style and color to your patio. Outdoor sectionals are an essential piece of patio furniture for every host. Not only does a sectional provide adequate seating for multiple guests, it also can save you money on having to buy additional patio furniture. A durable and fashionable sectional can do wonders for your outdoor room.


DeVries is New Jersey’s best selection of outdoor patio furniture with an expansive showroom of the latest in patio trends. We offer elegant and affordable pieces for all your patio furniture needs.

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