3 Tips For Selecting Pet-Friendly Patio Furniture

If you’re the outdoorsy type that loves spending time outside, it’s likely you’ll want to make sure your patio looks great. But instead of just furnishing the patio with only your interests in mind, consider everyone else in your family too. If you have pets that spend time on the patio, then your needs for perfect furniture can change quite a bit. Take these following tips into account when shopping for new patio furniture.

Choose washable fabrics

Among the key things to focus on while shopping for patio furniture is fabric that will be easy to clean. Most often, fabrics can get stained after your pets jump onto them with dirty paws. To stop this from happening, you could look for darker colors and shy away from delicate fabrics; but the best solution would be to search for fabric that can simply be machine-washed.

Stay away from fragile materials

If you want your patio furniture to last, it is crucial that you select materials that are durable and can withstand the elements. Some materials, like wood and metal, are much more sturdy than others and will not need to be replaced as often.

Keep a theme in mind

As you start shopping for patio furniture, it’s crucial to maintain a central theme. To build a cohesive space and avoid disappointment with the final look of your patio, focus on selecting similar colors and materials for different pieces of furniture, as well as an overarching furniture set. If you have pets, this buying process will come with additional needs; thankfully, the tips above will help guide your search.

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