3 Tips for Decorating a Small Patio Space

Are you working with a small patio or backyard? Patio furniture is a fantastic way to bring life and beauty to your tiny outdoor area. The secret is in how well you arrange the pieces. Here are three pointers for arranging your patio furniture:

Choose your focal point

Your patio design’s focal point will be the heart of your outside space. It will be the main gathering place in your area, with all other furniture surrounding and distancing it.  Once you have your focal point picked out, everything else will fall into place.

Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical

If you want your outdoor area to have a casual or lighthearted vibe, consider patio furniture that can be used to form an asymmetrical patio arrangement. However, if you want a more formal looking outdoor space, patio furniture with symmetrical characteristics is what you should go for.

Strategic placement

When working with a restricted outdoor area, choosing the most appropriate location for your patio furniture is critical. Our advice is to put your longest pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, along the longest wall and face your focal point. You can then add other furnishings around it and customize your outside space from this arrangement.

A tiny outdoor area is far superior to no outdoor space. Make the most of it by being wise in how you arrange your patio furniture. Also, keep in mind that your patio furniture choice matters a great deal. At DeVries, our team of on staff designers can transpose your outdoor space into an extension of your home and help you create that beautiful outdoor room. Contact us today!

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