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3 Reasons Why You Should Cover Your Fire Pit in Winter

fall patio furniture

Although you may be anxious about leaving your fire pit out on the patio during winter, it is perfectly okay to do so if you plan on using your outdoor living space. However if you’re not using it often, here’s why you should cover it up.

Keep Pests and Rodents Out of The Shelter

Not only do fire pits and fire pit tables have a lot of small, empty spaces, but these enclosures can provide the perfect amount of warmth and shelter for pests trying to wait out the winter. Keep them at bay with a fire pit cover that cinches tightly around the base. Even in winter, the odd warm stretch can bring wasps back into activity; however, by ensuring your gas supply doesn’t have an easy access point or look attractive to them will help you avoid this problem altogether.

Don’t Let Moisture Corrode the Equipment

If you use tarps to cover your patio furniture, you might uncover them in the spring to discover that they have rotted and rusted. But many cover materials are breathable, allowing airflow in and out without gaps for bugs to crawl inside. So look for covers that are water resistant but also allow air flow, which will keep rain away from the internal gas mechanisms and won’t trap humidity under the tarp.

Protect It from Snow and Sleet

One of the quickest ways winter can ruin your outdoor furniture is by a large amount of snow. If the moisture from melted snow stays on your furniture for an extended period, it will start to rust. Even if your fire pit has a corrosion-resistant paint or powder coating, water vapor can still get through cracks and crevices. Sleet is especially problematic as falling ice could potentially break through that protective finish. To prevent this type of damage, be sure to use a reinforced cover over your fire pit when not in use.

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